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Projects and Events

Participation as speaker

Wir gegen Hass: „Gelebte Vielfalt und hassfreie Gesellschaft durch inhärente Sprache“

Integrations Weeks - ALPHA plus GmbH - May 2021

“28th International FILLM Congress”

UNESCO in cooperation with University of Vienna - July 2021

“StuTS 70”

StuTS and Young Linguistics e. V. - November 2021

„Internationale Tagung DaZ Diskriminierung im wissenschaftlichen Diskurs“,

A cooperation between University of Trier, University of Vienna and Vienna Pedagogical University College - April 2022

“3rd International Symposium on Language Attitudes toward Portuguese, Spanish and Related Languages”

Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi - April 2022

“Unsere Sprachen - Vielfalt.Wir”

Integrations Weeks - ALPHA plus GmbH - May 2022


Inherent language is the language that naturally comes to your mind first, depending on the situation and the interlocutor. This language is part of yourself and independent of how and when you acquired it.