Who We Are

We are an association focused on promoting multilingualism and integration by emphasizing respect for linguistic, cultural and social diversity of people.

Through the promotion of translingual and transcultural coexistence, we aim to make multilingualism available to everyone and thus foster spaces of harmonious coexistence where people feel safe and integrated regardless of their origin or their inherent (“native”) language(s).

These goals are in line with the language policy of the European Union, which also promotes multilingualism:

“As part of its efforts to promote mobility and intercultural understanding, the European Union (EU) has designated language learning as an important priority, and funds numerous programmes and projects in this area. Multilingualism, in the EU’s view, is an important element in Europe’s competitiveness. One of the objectives of the EU’s language policy is therefore that every European citizen should master two other languages in addition to their mother tongue“.

The Board of Directors

Dr. Carola Koblitz

Dr. Carola Koblitz originally hails from Mexico City. She is a migrant, a member of a bicultural family and mother of two trilingual daughters. She is a University of Vienna graduate, linguist and communicologist, journalist, author and independent researcher in the fields of multilingualism, multiculturalism, didactics of foreign languages and media pedagogy, identity and language, transculturality, among others. She is editor-in-chief of the linguistic section of the Spanish-German magazine “Sin Límites”, project manager and promoter of the Inherent Language and Euro-Latin American cultural dialogue.

Veronika Nagy, BA/MA

Veronika Nagy is an Austrian of Hungarian descent, member of a multicultural family and mother of two trilingual children. In her youth she went on a student exchange to Canada and then lived for several years in the United Kingdom where she attended university and obtained her BA in Communications and Audio Visual Productions. She subsequently graduated from the University of Budapest as a translator and interpreter. She works as a linguist, communicator and audiovisual producer, interpreter and translator, author and expert in the field of media pedagogy, developer of foreign and second language teaching materials with a focus on multilingualism, multiculturalism and more; content creation for multilingual media and language teaching in German, English and Hungarian. Her extensive experience in the field of individualized and classroom teaching has resulted in numerous observations on didactics and strategies for language acquisition. Her political activity is committed to the fields of education and multicultural diversity.

Inherent language is the language that naturally comes to your mind first, depending on the situation and the interlocutor. This language is part of yourself and independent of how and when you acquired it.